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Why You Need a Career Coach

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

If you feel that you are in a rut with your career, there is a way to get out of it, but it may require the help of a professional to get there. Here are five reasons a good career coach could be vital for your success in switching jobs or even just expanding your horizons.

"Your capabilities go beyond what you learned in college or in your last couple of jobs, but you may not realize it."

Do you know what you want?

Most people think they do, but career goals are not always about making more money or attaining higher social status. The ideal career is one that utilizes your biggest strengths, taps into your strongest passions, and one that offers you the right balance of personal satisfaction, financial compensation, creative challenge, and time flexibility that you need to enjoy your life.

You're path towards success isn't clear

An experienced career coach can help to identify and explain your many options and help you start positioning yourself to reach both your immediate and long term goals. While it's tempting to think this is an easy task, it actually requires a deep understanding of the dynamics of different industries and job functions, the ability to project future possibilities (and challenges), and to make the connection between your personality and skillset to real-world market opportunities.

Your resume isn't as impressive as you think The power of your resume lies not just in the message but in how you communicate it. Just because you're impressed by your own work experience and education doesn't necessarily mean others will be too. The more competition there is for a job, the more imperative it is for your resume to jump out of the pile, but that requires a merciless assessment of how your resume will play with recruiters and an objective edit with the aid of a good coach. Given that your resume may be the only communication from you that many employers will ever see, it better be strong enough to get you an interview.

You don't know your own potential This is possibly the biggest reason to use a career coach. Your capabilities go beyond what you learned in college or in your last couple of jobs, but you may not realize it. It doesn't help that most recruiters think in fairly uninspired terms about job qualifications, forcing candidates to ignore some of their hidden talents and focus exclusively on professional clichés.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether you're satisfied realizing only part of your professional potential or want to push the envelope and show the world what you are really capable of. For all these reasons, is why getting a coach may not be a luxury, but a very smart career move!


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